Unbanning Ad Nauseam

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Unbanning Ad Nauseam

Postby Lectrys » Sun Sep 16, 2012 6:33 pm

With the imminent release of Epic Experiment, Wizards seems determined to create a new Modern-legal Storm engine every block. Our recent approach to containing the constant stream of Storm engines is to leave them unbanned and make Noble a Turn 4 format. This means that Past in Flames, Reforge the Soul, Time Spiral, Diminishing Returns, and soon Epic Experiment (and Griselbrand) are currently the only Storm engines that have escaped the banhammer.

With this current treatment in mind, why not unban Ad Nauseam? IMO, it is the least dangerous of the currently banned Storm engines (Pyromancer Ascension being more dangerous because it can come down on Turn 2 and contain aggro very well). Its only advantages are that it grants access to more efficient rituals like Dark Ritual, it does not use the graveyard, and it is not large Spell Pierce bait like Epic Experiment. On the other hand, Ad Nauseam Storm either is forced to go into 3 colours if it runs uncommons other than Tendrils of Agony, or it may possibly suffer mana instability if it runs Tendrils as its only uncommon (in my experience, using 4 Gemstone Mine as the only uncommon is a mana-fixing blessing for Storm).

Ad Nauseam is also heavily injured if Lotus Petal is banned, while UR Storm variants get away nearly scot-free.

So what do you all think of unbanning Ad Nauseam, given how we have treated Past in Flames?
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Re: Unbanning Ad Nauseam

Postby mandroid » Mon Sep 17, 2012 3:51 am

Sounds good, I feel like testing is needed for it to really determine what's the correct choice. There's a whole archive on tappedout, and I'm pretty sure someone posted an ad nasaeum at some point.
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